The inception of was rooted in my desire to learn. I began documenting concepts and tasks that I was exploring in my journey to become a Systems Administrator, hoping that these resources might prove useful to someone else. The side bonus is it forced me to self-host a production website, and treat it appropriately.

It’s hard to keep count of the number of times I’ve revamped this website. Each time I switch the CMS, I tend to leave most articles behind. While this is unfortunate, many of those pieces have become outdated, and I no longer have the interest or time to update them.

My journey through different CMS platforms started with Joomla, then transitioned to Wordpress, onto Silverstrip, and now I’m testing the waters with Hugo. In between these transitions, I also created a handful of my own CMSes. Among these, the most promising was one developed in Python using Flask. The backend functionality was good, but since I don’t have much interest in front-end development, it never quite looked great.

I have decided to maintain using a CMS for my main ‘Blog’ and instead focus my efforts in sharing small self hostable projects I enjoy working on. I will add them to the projects page as they become available.

I plan to repost a few older articles that I was particularly proud of from my tenure as a Systems Engineer. However, I suspect that most of the fresh content will align more closely with my current role in DevOps.

That’s the journey of this blog so far. I hope you find something here that’s not only informative but also useful!